You and Me

How is it that we are different from birds flocking to foreign lands with changing weather. Aren't we like migrating animals searching endlessly for food and shelter. The inhabitants of that land eye us with distrust like beasts insecure of... Continue Reading →


Coming of the Devi

The winds proclaim her arrival she, who dwells in three lands in oceans, in tornadoes in flowers, in thorns With countenance of a hundred-billiion moons when pleased; irate she is the dark night of savage doom; stopable by only her... Continue Reading →

Of your rainbows

Chasing rainbows that somehow twist their curves and land in your courtyard where flowers of pink smile just your way Have you trained the leaves? To dance to the tunes that you play on your pipe enticing naive maidens into... Continue Reading →

Pain, Karmas and the Subtle System

There is quite a bit of suffering in this world; new borns ailing with congenital maladies, people stranded in war torn lands, people who have been wronged, people who are wriggling in pain inflicted by their own mental demons; probably... Continue Reading →

Those women

7 years back. Those were the times when I did not prefer commuting or visiting places in the city on my own, unless it was the familiar (and regular) meditation center or the book store or my aunt's home. And... Continue Reading →

Why such antipathy towards Hindi?

Like most other children of my age, I too was sent to an English medium school. My family explained that it was necessary because most of the standard books, terms and texts were in English; and it would be difficult... Continue Reading →

Dreams do come true: Meeting Dr. Shashi Tharoor

It seemed just like a dream; except that I could experience it unfurl in the real, material world. A wish that I had been clinging onto since so long a period that the very thought of wanting it made it... Continue Reading →

To you

In unbound joy In despair In the zenith of my victories and abysses of my sins I just need you Mother; to lend your hand your light, your wisdom What is my life but a quest for your lotus feet.

At your heels

I don't know why I run after you, like Moon chasing the Earth spiralling in orbs with lashing of the oceans pulling my heart out see it shrink And you smile momentarily to make it swell just to burst that... Continue Reading →

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